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What would it mean to live
in a city whose people were changing
each others’ despair into hope?

You yourself must change it.

What would it feel like to know
your country was changing?

You yourself must change it.

Though your life felt arduous
new and unmapped and strange…

what would it mean to stand on the first
page of the end of despair?

Adrienne Rich


In 2014, DIG IN will enter its tenth year as a platform for working with individuals, organizations, collaboratives, and communities in service to catalyzing sustainability and social change efforts.

What started from a reflection that organizational practice could be more effective, that communities and groups could benefit from working together more intentionally to build sustainable, healthy places, that skills in leadership and conflict resolution could support this transformation has sustained me for a decade. Not only has it been my livelihood but-as all right livelihoods should be-it has been a source of inspiration and education over the past ten years.

I am buoyed by the incredible network and community of which I am a part, and supported and encouraged by the interweaving of individuals, groups, and movements dedicated to doing good in the world. Amidst what can often seem like insurmountable odds, I am renewed daily by those of you I work with directly and so many more who share their courage, intelligence, and passion by engaging in the work of social justice and sustainability.

Over the next year, I will continue and deepen the work of DIG IN-founded to both support practices and policies growing positive impact in communities around California and around the country AND to share tools and build leadership for individuals, organizations, networks, and communities focused on this goal.

To celebrate a decade of this work, 2014 will feature regular gatherings of colleagues and those interested in this work to learn together and share best practices-stay tuned for dates and locations!-and a series of longer articles on the lessons learned from ten years of DIG IN’s work around leadership development for social change, collaboration and networks, strategies for building sustainable communities, and working across lines of difference.

Thank you again for your work and your inspiration. Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and bright holiday season filled with celebration and gratitude!

December 2013